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House MA São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2021

This house located in a residential condominium in the city of Porto Feliz – SP is a resting place for customers who live in Rio de Janeiro. For the young couple, full of personality, we designed this renovation so that the house, whose shell already existed to accommodate a busy lifestyle, with small children and large family and friends always present.

The program of the house well designed to meet the occupation has 5 suites, home, living, staff quarters, kitchen, laundry, staff quarters and a gourmet outdoor area with barbecue and swimming pool.

Highlight for the kitchen integrated with the living room, which is closed by wood panels with Tucum fiber locked and glass that run and are completely hidden.

The materials used in the architecture were basalt stone in the floor of the entire first floor, wood stone in the wall, steel corten and pequi wood planks fixed as wall covering. Upstairs, oak wood was used in the flooring and joinery to cozy up to the family's intimate area. In decoration, natural fiber and dyed fabrics with natural pigment were explored to balance the abundance in the use of rough stone. In the chosen furniture, renowned designers such as Jean Gillon and Claudia Moreira Salles stand out. Canvases by Antonio Bandeira, Maria Polo, Jose Bechara and the sculpture by Vanderlei Lopes from the clients' personal collection ensured the space's personality.

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